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Consensus ... Corporate and Union Giving

Consensus ... Corporate and Union Giving

Background - The Campaign Finance Study Committee recommended to the State Board that we add to our state consensus the issue of whether unions and corporations should be allowed to contribute to campaigns. This has been discussed in the past but no consensus was taken. Several bills were introduced during this legislative session having to do with corporate or union giving (nest wanting to make corporate giving illegal). League was unable to speak to any of these bills or sub-sections of bills. -le feel this is an area in which we should have a consensus; therefore the State Board has authorized a consensus to be taken by a poll in LEO HANA and ALOHA VOTER. Please register your opinion and send it to the League Office, or give it to your unit chairman at the next unit meeting. Mark it Attention: Marian Wilkins - add any comments you wish.


PRO...It helps union members and investors to have elected officials friendly to their union (r corporations. As citizens they have a right to band together and campaign for candidates who may help them.

CON...Too much pressure may be put an an elected official who receives contributions, especially large contributions, from those sources. The legislation the union or corporation supports may not be of benefit to the community as a whole.

PRO...It is the job of union and corporate leaders to find and support the best candidate, one who will not hurt the union or corporation, thereby hurting the members or investors.

CON...Members or investors really have no or very little choice in who their loaders support and have to give their money whether they agree or not. Perhaps they would rather support someone else.

PRO...By making it legal to give to campaigns, we can bring out in the open the practices that have been going under the table. Such things as high dues for union members, part of which it is understood, goes for campaigns; high salaries for corporate executives, part of which gees for campaigns; "voluntary" nations of members and employees; free use of company resources, staff, etc.

CON..It may just once usage greater amounts of contributions without stopping any ,f the undesirable practices unless strict limits and disclosure laws are enforced.

Besides the question of whether unions and/or corporations should be allowed to contribute to campaigns, is the question of whether just unions or just corporations should be allowed to give. As mentioned above, several bills were introduced in this legislative session having to with this subject. The majority these bills called for making corporate giving illegal.

Some people feel that unions should be allowed to give because they are not profit making organizations but only for the benefit of the workers by helping guarantee them jobs, good wages, and good working conditions.

Corporation officials argue that what is good for his company benefits not only the employees, most of whom are probably union members, but also the stockholders, among whom many are average citizens. If company prospers it helps the country because of the taxes wages paid.

What do you think, Leaguer?


In regard to campaign giving, should unions and corporations be treated equally under the law? YES NO UNDECIDED

Are you in favor of allowing labor unions and corporations to contribute to political campaigns? YES NO UNDECIDED




Send to: League of Women Voters 1802 Keeaumoku Street Honolulu 96822

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