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President's Notes or "A Message from My Heart" (Diane Hastert)
New Publications Catalog Available
More Energy Factsheets Available
Candidates' Fair
Consensus ... Corporate and Union Giving

More Energy Factsheets Available

Remember the Energy Factsheets you got a few months ago in your Voter--Numbers 1-4? Well, there are now eight more. The topics covered in Numbers 5-12 are as follows: 5. Energy and Architecture; 6. Agribusiness and Energy Use; 7. Offshore Drilling; 8. Tapping Our Coal Reserves; 9. Growth and the Cities; 10. Danger from the Demand Side; 11. Suggested Energy Reading: Introductory; and 12, Suggested Energy Reading: Options. They sell for $.15 a copy and you can order your own from the National League Office. For more information on ordering, see your unit publications representative or call Betty Buck--988-4497.

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