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New General Plan for Oahu (General Plan Revision Program)

We hope to present testimony at the City Council's public hearing (possibly to be held in Dec. 1974) on the proposed "new" General Plan for Oahu. Oahu Development Conference (ODC) briefs of the two basic reports may be picked up in the office and will be available at each Nov. and Dec, meeting. however, the Technical Reports are needed to understand some of the very important aspects and are just now being made available for distribution. A11 members are urged to read the following as our "first thoughts" for LWV presentation:


After interviews, discussion, study, and examination of the urban planning process, the L...W...V... by consensus of our approximately 250 City and County of Honolulu members recommended the concept to a broad General Plan, now set forth in the 1972 Charter,

The General Plan as proposed in the General Plan Revision Program can be supported only on the following basis:

1. If a new General Plan is not adopted now, there will be more studies, reports, and delays as the immediate needs of citizens fail to be met.

2. Under the recommended "Directed Growth" there is purported to be relief from pressures in other areas, which would destroy the way of life of many long term citizens and others,

We feel action is needed now to adopt a new General Plan and to achieve some balance between present needs of "People" for housing and present and future environmental and energy needs. Members of the LWV have attended meetings held by the Dept. of General Planning purported as efforts to encourage citizen participation but which were, in effect, "presentations" that seemed designed to support what had already been decided by the professional planners and consultants. We have struggled to stay awake and read the voluminous reports distributed to citizens when requested.

Our participation, to the extent there has been practicable participation, has been as citizens who are interested, and not as professionals, in urban planning and related fields lack of wholehearted support by a professional body as given in the letter of Oct° 22, 1974 from the American Institute of Planners, Hawaii Chapter, and contained in the minutes of the Planning Commission hearing of Oct. 23, 1974 is noted, however. (The close relationship of the President of the LWV of Honolulu and the Vice President of the AIP is acknowledged; there is no such "roommate" status between members of the Planning Committee and members of the AIP).

The League of Women Voters, based on positions on nation-wide, state, and Honolulu levels, cannot support the specific recommendations which direct growth; long-range (stated to be 25- 30 years from now).

We feel that the nature and volume of the gobbledygook presented orally (with slides and other visuals) and in writing has contributed to the lack of needed citizen participation in the future of Oahu in consideration of economic, environmental, and broad social needs. since we have, in public testimony, defined a plan as a thoughtful action program, the inclusion of operational and administrative requirements in Technical Volume 1, not widely distributed, seems a failure to give full information needed by citizens and their representatives.

Please advise Adeline Schutz (734- 7248), 251 Khaalawai Place, 96316, of additions, changes, recommendations, etc.

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