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President's Notes

It seems quite incredible that I should be wishing you happy and contented holidays--this event-filled year is streaming by like a quickly spinning kaleidoscope. Lot ma share with you some of the reasons why I am proud to be League President--and why I think we can all be proud of the status of citizen involvement in Hawaii.

First the League... with the Candidate's Fair, the publication of the City Council voters guide, publication of the Charter amendment guide in the 3 November Sunday Focus newspaper section, plus the publication and distribution of The Citizen and the Planning Process, we have made a great beginning in touching our fellow citizens and drawing them to interest in public affairs. In addition to testifying on Waikiki Bill #1, and the published plan of the Neighborhood Commission, we have been doing our part to help publicize the public hearings held by this body.

Our units this year have been exciting. I was particularly pleased by the Future discussions in Sept. and hope this will eventually spill over into community future discussions, block futures parties and such. With time and practice I am confident that individual units will begin action programs of their own based on the criteria discussed in October units.

State finance units in November were preparatory for April consensus units to wind up this two year study on the state level.

Through January l5 of us will participate in legislative and city council interviews. This year's contacts with lawmakers are particularly important as there are many that we don't yet know and that don't know us. Dow is the time to establish the hind of helpful communication that will benefit everyone. ,also ongoing is the development of our testimony on the General Plan Revision Program (a first draft appears in this issue for your comments) a schools committee local effort to find qualified members for the advisory councils, the rudimentary beginnings of the national executive study, the preparation of a summary facts and issues on transportation issues on present to newly elected officials, and League fund raising. We continue to try innovative methods of action and communication and benefit consistently from suggestions so.....

Perhaps the nicest news of the morning is that Hawaii led the nation in voting percentages in this election. We're lucky to live where people still care greatly about those running for office. The League is specially proud of and extends our affection and congratulations to Leaguers who were successful candidates-- Mary George, 3rd District Senator; Kate Stanley, 14th District Representative; Faith Evans, 24th District Representative; and Marilyn Bornhorst, 7th District City Councilwoman.

This is the time of year to reflect and renew, to share the warmth and the peace of the holidays with our families and friends. On behalf of the Honolulu Board I'd like to wish each of you the most pleasant of holidays.

Diane Hastert

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