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January is Environment Month
President's Notes (Diane Hastert)
Welcome to New Members

January is Environment Month

JAN 20 Moanalua Valley Bring a sack lunch. The tour begins at the Valley at 10 am. For rides or carpools meet at AAUW, Christ Presbyterian Church, 1300 Kailua Road, or Hawaii Kai Library at 9:15. January 22 is rain check day.

JAN 21 Kaneohe Grading and K-Bay plus Kailua Dump. Meet at 9 am at Christ Presbyterian Church, 1300 Kailua Rd. (Kailua end of parking lot). For rides or carpools meet at AAUW or Hawaii Kai Library at 8:15. Reservations required before Jan 15.

JAN 23 Air and Water Quality Control Meet at 9:15 at the Board of Water Supply Board Room, 6'30 S. Beretania. Rides and carpools meet at 8:30 Christ Pres. Church, Kailua, or Hawaii Kai Library & AAUW 9 am.

JAN 23 "Kaneohe Alternatives" 7:00 pm. HESL offices, Univ. of Hawaii, Maile Way 769 (Barracks on mauka side.)

JAN 28 Leeward Industrial Tour Tour begins at 9:00 am at Hawaiian Independent Refinery, Campbell Industrial Park, 91-325 Komohana. Meet at AAUW, Christ Pres. Church, Kailua, or Hawaii Kai Library at 8:15 for rides or carpool.

JAN 30 Walking Tour of Kakaako Meet at Honolulu Iron Works, 570 Auahi St. 9:30. For rides or carpool meet at Christ Church, Kailua, or Hawaii Kai Library at 9:00.

Phone Dorothy Turnbull 734-8371 for reservations.


January is League Environment. Month. Please choose as many activities as you wish. See [above] for arrangements.


January 20 or 22 in case of rain, we will have a tour guided by the Moanalua Gardens. We will walk through the valley hearing about H-3 as well as the natural wonders around us. A jeep will bring our sack lunches so we can eat in the valley. The total walk will take 3 hours. Meet at the gate at the end of Moanalua Golf Course Road at 10:00am. (Past Tripler hospital exit)


January 21 will find League members and Outdoor Circle members on a bus listening to Doak Cox from HESL (Hawaii Environmental Simulation Laboratory) explain about grading its affects on Kaneohe Bay while we view grading sites. We will end our tour with a view and discussing Kailua dump by Ray Takara, Landfill engineer. Bus space is limited so make your reservations early. Meet at 9:00 at Christ Presbyterian Church, 1300 Kailua Road, the Kailua end of the parking lot.


January 23 we will meet in the Board room of the Board of cater Supply, 630 S. Beretania St., to hear Mrs. Tokomoto tell us about our water supply. There will be a question period following her talk. At 10:30 we will walk to the Department of health (2 blocks). In the 3rd floor board room we will hoar a short talk by Art Bauckham about air and water pollution and what the Board of Health is doing. We will then visit their air lab and Ms Joanna Taba, who is in charge of the lab, will address us. Our last stop will be the water lab where Mrs. Helen Wakatsuki, head of the water lab will address us. Both labs are in the same building.


The first annual Blue Sky Award of the American Lung ASSOC. was presented to Pacific Resources, Inc. Oct 23 for the extra efforts and accomplishments of its two subsidiaries, Gasco, and Hawaiian Independent Refinery in controlling air pollution. HIRI is America's first foreign trade zone oil refinery. It's site at Campbell Industrial Park is a foreign country and therefore not subject to the U.S. Foreign oil import quota system. The zone is managed by the Dept. of Planning and Economic Development and the operation is monitored by the U.S. Customs Service. The refinery produces feedstock for fiasco's adjacent synthetic natural gas (SNG) plant. This plant replaces the old Honolulu plant and has a higher conversion efficiency requiring 35% fewer barrels of oil to produce the same amount of gas. To hear about these pollution control measures and future energy possibilities meet at Campbell Industrial Park at 9:00 a.m. on January 28th - Hawaiian Industrial Refinery.


Our walking tour of Kakaako is to give us a closer look at some of Honolulu's most poorly used land. Through the cooperation of AIA (American Institute of Architects) we will see a RDAT (Regional Urban Design Assistance) chart explaining a proposal for the area. We will then walk through the area with Adeline Schutz and Del Freyer. Meet at Honolulu Iron Works, 570 Auahi Street at 9:30 on January 30th.

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