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Neighborhood Plan Filed !!!

Now----is it going to work? Well , that's partly up to -the citizens, the community groups, the availability of staff and funding to the Neighborhood Boards, the City Council, and various City Departments. What should the LWV role be? I see several things:

1) Deeping track of the attempts by various neighborhoods to form Boards,

2) assisting them in any way we can,

3) helping the Neighborhood Commission however possible (right now they want suggestions for alternatives of election methods) and

4) continual evaluation Of the workings of the Boards, once formed --- to name a few. But it takes more than one or two persons to do this. We need volunteers observers for the N.C. meetings, eyes and ears out in the various areas who will keep us informed, and some who might actually get involved in a Neighborhood Board. Call Marian Heidel (261-3262 or 948-8965) if you can help. Update on N.C: their meetings are now held on Wednesdays at 1 p.m. They may not be weekly so call their office first: 546-8087. Mr. Masato Kamisato has resigned from the Commission, and Ms. Kumalaa was appointed in November.

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