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President's Notes

In the interest of economy, and aren't we all looking for means to economize, we are making every effort to be concise and relevant in producing voter copy. The need to economize is very real in the League office paper costs have skyrocketed, telephone rates have more than doubled in our projections from budget planning last year and on and on it goes. While every means possible is being explored to keep dues from being increased, we know that in the coming year inflation is going to hit our contributors just as severely as each of us, and it will take very thoughtful planning to maintain League programs and activities.

Clearly, the message is plan ahead, and that is what January and February are all about in the LWV office, Much of the basis of budget planning results from program planning - the topic of our units the last week of February. This is each members chance to be heard - where have we missed the boat in your opinion - when have you wished we had provided information or a point of view on an issue of 'controversy in the community? Better still, what programs have been pertinent, made a contribution to the community of public opinion, and deserve to be continued? Elsewhere in this Voter is printed the results of the poll taken at the December general meeting on interest in studying growth and growth policies for the state - just one of the ways the Board is working to assess member interest - hence member participation.

February is also the time for annual reports to national and state, and they will be a pleasure to write, in theory if not in reality. We have been productive and innovative - I'm convinced there are very few things this organization does not have the brains and talent to accomplish puts its collective mind to it.

The last several months dozens of -Leaguers under the able guidance of Barbara Owen have been conducting Legislative interviews. This work will be turned over to the State Board to help them in analyzing lobbying needs for League programs in this session of the legislature. with dozens of new members in the House and senate a very different kind of Legislature and legislation can be expected - the State Leo Fang will keep everyone up to date on our efforts to insure that the League positions influence public policy, one of the most arousing and controversial projected bills deals with Shoreline Protection consequently this becomes the topic of our February general meeting - a bring your husband and friends affair on the 4th of February at 7:30 at our office, The panel to be presented there will offer a pro and con approach to this bill e have in our membership both avid proponents and opponents and we'd like both sides there to question the experts, Moderating will be Jackie Parnell, legislative chairperson for the American Institute of Planners, Hawaii Chapter, and a LWV member. Another member, Frank Skrivanek, Deputy Director of the State Department of Planning and Economic Development will give the state's view of shoreline protection, with the ,amity viewpoint being presented by Don Clegg, Deputy Director of the State Department of General Planning. Bill proponent and Sierra Club President Dave Raney and State Senator Jean King will round out a superb panel - DON'T MISS IT.

Diane Hastert

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