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Action on Alcoholism

Former chief medical examiner of New York, Dr. Milton Helpern, cites these very disturbing facts:

  1. 40% of the patient population of any hospital are alcoholics (being treated for associated complications rather than the primary disease--alcoholism.)

  2. 50% of all homicides are related to alcohol.

  3. 31% of all suicides are alcoholic.

  4. Alcohol costs industry $10 billion annually in accidents, insurance claims, property damage and lost productivity.

  5. Perhaps 5% of teenagers are problem drinkers (HEW survey).

There are many other costs to society (welfare, corrections, etc.) but the costs in human suffering cannot be measured.

Something constructive should be done, you say? The HAWAII COMMITTEE ON ALCOHOLISM has been providing services devoted exclusively to alcoholism since 1953. Funded entirely by the federal government, the HCA provides the following services:

  1. Industrial Occupational Programs.

  2. Alcohol Education and Information.

  3. Hawaii Alcoholism Employment and Housing.

Between March 1, 1975 and June 1, 1975, FEDERAL FUNDING ENDS. The HOP_ is requesting $36,209 in state funding from the Hawaii State Legislature. Part of the requested fends are 25% matching for federal funds and part are 100% state funds. The largest request ($220,575) is for the Industrial Occupational Program, which will become self-supporting after two years.

The accomplishments of the hard-working HCA are significant. Call Andie Anderson, Executive Director of HCA, at 524-1144, and he'll be glad to answer any questions, or Amanda Edwards, al 689-8265.

Let your LEGISLATORS know how you feel about the State of Hawaii carrying some of the financial responsibility for HCA,

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