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Honolulu LWV Proposed Budget,
April, 1975 - March 31, 1976

The proposed 1975-76 Budget represents the following priorities:

  1. maintenance of UAW visibility via office and phone.

  2. adequate funding for printing and mailing 9 issues of Aloha Voter.

  3. maintenance of administrative costs at levels budgeted and spent in 74-75 budget.

  4. full support of National and State commitments.

  5. funding for units to encourage unit autonomy.

  6. increased spending for general meetings and workshops in line with actual costs of 74-75.

  7. the presentation of 2 Know Your Government (know your county, know your state) workshops by Voters Service.

  8. funding of:
    Publications (2 pubs to be distributed free)
    Program Study Committees
    Action Activities
    at a level which exceeds 74-75 expenditures by 1009.

  9. partial funding of delegates to State Convention.

  10. accrual of 50% of funds needed for 76-77 budget to send 1 delegate to Nat'l Convention.

  11. maintenance of babysitting fund to help defray the costs incurred to active members.

  12. maintenance of Reserve Funds equal to accrued amounts and 6 months operating expenses.


(Please note: "Variable" refers to expenditures which may be made should designated contributions for that purpose become available.)

A detailed copy of this proposed budget with extensive explanations is on file with the minutes of the Honolulu LWV Board meeting of February 20, 1975. Please feel free to examine this detailed budget. Further questions regarding the budget may, be addressed to Betsy Tan at 261-1224.

Submitted by the Budget Committee: Betty Anderson, Anne Marie Duca, Nancy Guille, Diane Hastert, Adeline Schutz, Carol Whitesell, and Betsy Tan, Chairman.

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