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Sex Bias in Education - General Meeting
President's Note (Diane Hastert)
Action on Alcoholism
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Honolulu LWV Proposed Budget, 4/75 - 3/31/76
Fact Sheet for April Unit Meetings

President's Note

We have been fortunate over the past two years to have Norma Titcomb representing the LWV on the Task Force on Sex Bias in Education. Their 300-page report makes for eye opening reading, and I hope that the end-of-February units opened your minds, The Task Force will present a mini-conference, a capsulized form of the extended conference they held in January, for us on 11 March, Our interest and participation in this arena thereafter will depend on you. Please bring with you any questions you had following units9 and of course your ideas. The goal of the Task Force is action to remedy inequities they found--do you feel the LWV Las a place in this action. Como and let the board know.

The Board gratefully acknowledges the conscientious and complete work done by Barbara Owen in coordinating the legislative interviews They are very valuable for several reasons: personal coy act with legislators; exposing LWV interests; ascertaining opinions for our lobbyists and evaluating past Vote? Service projects like the Candidates' Fair,

Further acknowledging outstanding service—our thanks to Anna Hoover and all her sub-chairwomen for an outstanding January of EQ update tours. I think It should become an annual tradition.

Please consider carefully the enclosed proposed budget.

Annual meeting is a critical business meeting since it is the member's opportunity to direct the course of the League. Please scrutinize and save these proposals -- they are amendable at the meeting, and set aside the date, 24 April, 1975, Kahala Hilton Hotel. Reservations may be called to Betty Buck, 988-4497.

An Aside--While testifying at City Council regarding the lobbyist registration legislation a councilman (who shall remain unnamed) made reference to those "LWV ladies who don't say anything, but just look at me." I never wonder at the value of our very fine observer corps, Good going, ladies.

Diane Hastert

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