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Action Alley

State LWV responded to a National LWV Action Alert asking that all our Senators be contacted to restore funding for foreign assistance appropriations. Call our senators' local offices and see that they have done so.

Testimony was presented locally before the Senate Intergovernmental Relations Committee on the need for city- clerks to Issue 'pro-con information on county issues.

Interviews are being held with the city council members--a first (at least in a long time)--notes will be for League use only and will aid in action preparation at the county level,

League observers continue to serve at council, planning commission and planning and zoning committee meetings.

If you would like to become part of the observer corps contact Adeline Schutz or Diane Hastert.

Many have been involved in vote counting for University of Hawaii Professional Association, Mililani Town Community Association and Mililani Neighborhood Board elections.

You can join future efforts by contacting Diane or Edna Shoup. Your time will help the group requesting service and the League public relations and financial pictures.

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