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President's Notes

Swan songs are difficult to write... it's hard to believe that two years have gone by. But, I’m perfectly content to turn this page, and a few dusty files, over to Carol Whitesell, knowing that she's the best possible person for the job. She has been involved in League for a long time; has built a reputation in the community as a thoughtful and fair expert in land use-planning affairs, and has been closely tied to the day to day operations of the League. What more can we ask for? My gratitude to Claudia Patil and her nominating committee for many months of hard work on the accompanying slate.

This is the point at which I'm to thank the dozens of people who have helped these past years, that I might happily have a feeling of success - I wouldn't know where to begin. There are all the obvious people who take on and complete with excellence big jobs, and just as vital are the small gestures of support, carefully thought, through suggestions and tips which mean a great deal. I'd like to introduce many of these important people to you at the annual meeting in April. Please be there.

I know the League will continue to grow, to experiment, to innovate and to serve a vital function in the community. We're constantly seeing new avenues to fulfill our purpose of education in public affairs, and becoming more proficient in influencing public policy. New issues will press in the year to come... energy, international food crisis, costs of fixed rail rapid transit; and old issues will still need our attention... general plan, revision, neighborhood commission, schools, campaign. Information and tips on how you can make yourself influential will be brought to you by each other; as that is really what we do... study, explore and share the results of our efforts that we might all be better informed.

Thank you for two exciting, exhausting, learning years and many good friends.

Diane Hastert

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