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Con-Con ... and Petitions

At the State League convention in May, a resolution expressing the will of the delegates was passed in support of calling a Constitutional Convention to meet in 1978 or sooner, and the participation by the League in a group effort to prepare for the Con-Con when called, similar to that which preceded the 1968 convention. Marion Wilkins has been appointed to the State Board to coordinate League effort in this direction.

In mid-June Representative Leopold asked our help in circulating a petition to ask the Legislature to place the question on the 1976 ballot. Without this Legislative action the question of calling a Con-Con will not be placed on the ballot until 1978 and the Convention will not meet until 1980.

This is a non-partisan effort for the sole purpose of calling a Con-Con, and does not imply League support of any of the issues that could be discussed at the Convention.

The petition, attached to this Voter, should be returned by Sept.15, to Marion Wilkins at the League office.

Please help collect signatures.


We, the undersigned residents of the State of Hawaii, respectfully petition the Eighth State Legislature, Regular Session of 1976, to submit to the electorate at the November 2, 1976 General Election the question, "Shall there be a convention to propose a revision of or amendments to the Constitution?"


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