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From the President

My first two months as Honolulu League president have certainly not been dull. One never knows what surprise is in store when the phone rings. Here's a sampling of what's going on:

  1. Neighborhood Board Elections. The League has been on hand for almost two years as the Neighborhood Board labored to get this experiment in citizen participation off the ground. It is gratifying to be able to help the Commission conduct the first batch of a possible 32 neighborhood board elections. Thanks to Mabel Keesling and Jerry Hess who helped prepare election procedures.

  2. Carpenter's Union Vote Count. We hit the big time with this union vote count, the biggest job we have ever attempted. It was an unforgettable experience. I am tremendously grateful to Dorothy Bremner and her crew who worked so long and hard. We made approximately $900.

  3. Ethics,anyone? The City Council says it rejected Diane Hastert's appointment to the Planning Commission because of conflict of interest. This raises some interesting questions: What is conflict of interest? Who does it apply to? How should it be handled?

  4. ERA. Some of you saw in both Honolulu papers, the League's response to some typical anti-Equal Rights Amendment propaganda. We haven't had to fight a major battle in Hawaii. However, the ratification effort nationwide has run into trouble. The opposition is well-organized, well-financed and skilled in appealing to people's fears and prejudices. This summer every League member will receive from LWVUS a request to give at least $1 to finance the ratification campaign. Please Help!!

Carol Whitesell

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