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Summer is Election Time
From the President (Carol Whitesell)
Con-Con ... and Petitions
Executive Study Continues
Energy Committee
Planning Committee Meeting
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Help Wanted
Another Best Seller
United Nations Association Luncheon
LWV of Honolulu - Adopted Budget -- 4/1/75- 3/31/76
Welcome to New Members
LWV of Honolulu - Program 1975-1976
Membership Dues Procedure

LWV of Honolulu - Program 1975-1976


  1. Planning, with focus on 1. zoning and other implementation tools; and 2. continued study of impact of General Plan on . Oahu growth.

  2. Transportation, with focus on 1. relationship of the transportation system to long-range planning; 2. meeting service needs of the community; 3. accountability in management; and 4. finances.


Action includes encouraging informed and active participation of all citizens in government and politics. Action will be in keeping with the League's purpose, principles and positions reached through consensus and concurrence.

  1. Planning - with focus, on the General Plan revision program and state-county relations in planning and land use,

  2. Neighborhood Commission - monitoring development of neighborhood boards and commission actions, including elections and budgeting.

  3. Human Resources - local action on national and state positions in education, transportation, employment, and housing and welfare, with attention to the new county Department of Housing and Community Development.

  4. Energy and Environmental Quality.

  5. Know Your County - promoting information about government.

  6. Citizen participation in Transportation Planning.

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