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Following several units on transportation, and careful analysis of the responses and comments during discussion the transportation committee feels that the statements below reflects what members are thinking about transportation on Oahu. We invite you to contact the committee members with your comments, particularly contradictions. Upon Board approval the statement below, with minor reworking, will become the Transportation position of the LWV. of Honolulu. THE LEAGUE OF WOMEN VOTERS OF HONOLULU SUPPORTS THE FOLLOWING TRANSPORTATION ITEMS:

  1. A creative and innovative approach to transportation Planning which seeks to identify the public's transportation needs and to find new ways of meeting these needs.

  2. A planning process which recognizes that transportation planning is a tool for implementing long range land use planning and a criterion for a way to evaluate a transportation system is to determine how well it meets land use goals.

  3. A two-way communication system in which: a. all segments of the public have input to the transportation planning process in order to express their needs: b. the planning agencies share their concerns, plans, and goals with the public in.- order to enlist its understanding and cooperation.

  4. A balanced transportation system which provides not only for use of the increasingly attractive alternatives to the automobile.

  5. A people-oriented mass transit system whose goal of continually improving service is based on certain premises:

    1. That different groups of riders have different needs and these differing needs must be met;

    2. That the feeder system must be considered a vital link in the system since the overall trip time from origin to destination is paramount in the public's estimation of service;

    3. That needs change and all aspects of service must be continuously monitored and revised to meet these changing needs; and

    4. That equal access to transportation must be provided for all.

  6. An approach to funding which recognizes that public transportation is a public service, that the fare schedule should not discourage public use, and that all possible related sources of revenue which might accrue to the public should be Investigated.

Betty Kernahan, chairperson; Opal Sloane; Margaret Young; Dee Lum; Mildred Walston; Maya Fowler, and Marty Pickett.

June 1975

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