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Update: City Government
From the President (Carol Whitesell)
September Calendar
Aloha to these New Members
League Day at City Hall
Goodies and Equipment
Volunteers Needed
Transportation Position


Tuesday, September 23 9am Honolulu morning Home of Glendora Alder 2895 Kalakaua Ave. Colony Surf, #1203, For information cal/ Dorothy Turnbull, 734.8371

Wednesday, September 24 9am Hawaii Kai Hawaii Kai Library 249 Lunalilo Home Road For information call Wendie Wong,377-9286.

7:30pm Windward Evening Home of Betty Tobiasson 544 Ulumu For information call Marion Heidel, 261-3262.

Thursday, September 25

9am Leeward Territorial Savings 98-084 Kam Hwy,Cr Kaonohi at Pearl Ridge. For information call Kathy Haaseth, 672-9202

9:15 Windward morning St. Christopher's Church 93 N.Kainulu Dr. For information call Myrne Blomquist, 262-7635

Honolulu Evening

No meetings are scheduled at this time. We have been unable to find a leader for this unit.

Quite a few members have expressed interest in attending an evening unit in the Honolulu city area. If anyone, new member or old, would find the time to be unit chairmen and/or membership chairman, please call Nancy Guille 422-8682.

September Unit meeting

Executive Study

An American ship has been fired on by an enemy country... U.S. armed forces are put on alert... the President ponders a response. If you were a Congressman, what part would you want to play in this situation? Would you be content to leave decision to would you want to be consulted? If the incident became serious, who would decide 'to- go t-0 war/ 'IOU the President?

During the September unit meetings members will 'become' Congressmen meeting in cloakroom sessions to battier or give first to the President on situations such as the one above. Here is your chance to say what Congress should or shouldn't do, can--or cannot do. Here is your chance to be a Congressman without having. to be elected!

We'll have other engrossing questions for you to discuss too. Such as, do we need a new presidential' succession act? Would TWO vice-presidents be better than one? Do we need a vice-president at all? And, should a president be limited to two terms/ HOW about a six year term for presidents?

As you can see, these meetings:, should be anything but dull. So plan to come and join us in the commotion that is sure to erupt during the meetings.

For more information call Barbara Farwell, 423-1681.

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