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Are you curious? Do you like to gossip just a teeny bit? When was the last time you tried to think about all sides? Want to be part of "the scene?" Ever see yourself on mV? Ever want to know what really goes on inside city halls downtown? Armchair observing at the scene or reading and following up on a subject your current desire or necessity? Available at 7 p.m. or daytimes? Interested in "follow up" or "analysis" if your situation keeps you at home? It sometimes seems like "the biggest shows in town" as our co-equal branches of the city seem to be fighting it out between themselves or with the State administrative-legislative branches. Want M form your own opinion of how your tax money is spent? Your City Coordinator, Adeline Schutz, will try to find a time and place for you to go out and observe or stay home and pat it all together. It gets to be like a "continued story" and you want to find out what happens next. Alice Scott and Dorothy Murdock have been on the scene for quite a while and Helen Griffen is newer, Agnes Gaughan is a new "off the scene" information processer.

Do you like projects about "people?" Ever wonder what the Department of Housing and Community Development and the Office of Human Resources are doing? Do you think there may be discrimination in Honolulu because of or in spite of sex, race, color, or creed? Want to participate in a survey on unemployment which will involve finding sources, looking it up, and some interviewing? Interested in where the city is spending funds obtained from federal revenue sharing? Is affordable housing hopeless? Your City Coordinator is looking also for those with some interest and tine to go along, critique, follow up, or whatever time permits.

If you want to know more about what is going on, see, or drop a note, or call Adeline, 251 Kaalawai Place, 96816,Phone 734-7248.

Adeline Schutz

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