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League Day at City Hall

League Day at City Hall, our kickoff General Meeting, was a great success. About 100 members, guests, and walk-in public squeezed into the 6th floor Conference Room of the new Municipal Bldg to listen to and ask questions of 7 city officials. The turn-out was gratifying as it was an indication that people are interested in and concerned about city gov't.

The highlight of the morning was the panel discussion, ably moderated by Dee Lum. The development of Waiahole-Waikana was used to illustrate the question of departmental coordination. A large number of the audience had come specifically because of the development controversy, and so most of the questions were directed to George Moriguchi, Dir. of Land Utilization. The focus of the discussion eventually turned to "What can the citizen do when the loopholes in government regulations are used to subvert the intent of the law?"

There weren't clear answers, but it was an interesting "look" at official views.

About 25 joined the afternoon tour led by Joyce Curry from the Office of Info and Comp. A short talk by Ger aid Mann on the city's computer system, complete with charts and diagrams, was fascinating. The new Municipal Library and Archives, now more spacious and accessible, as well as other public offices and chambers, were visited before the last of the Leaguers left at 2:30.

A big MAHALO to the Voter Service Comm. who put the program together, and a special bouquet to Barbara Graham who designed the clever "logo" and did the last Voter cover as well as the sign. Thanks also to our hostesses, Alva Brantz, Grace Bowers, Frances Dohme, Bertha Kon and Mildred Walston who kept people from going astray.

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