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UN Update - Why?

The League is updating its understanding of the UN. A series of actions taken by the 29th General Assembly and by the UNESCO General Conference to isolate Israel, and South Afrioa prompted U.S. delegates to accuse the UN of violating the letter and the spirit of the charter. These and other moves are threatening to erode American public support at a time when it is becoming increasingly clear that problems of a global nature demand the attention and action of an effective international organization.

A difficult policy decision may be in the offing for the U.S. in the very near future: should the United States curtail its participation in the UN in protest of actions it considers in violation of the UN Charter? Or should the United States remain inside the organization, using all its wit and resources to reverse those actions and get the United Nations back on track?

League members will be bringing themselves up-to-date on recent UN developments and will be discussing different alternatives for U.S policy toward the UN.


U.N. Day Luncheon - Oct. 24

Rep. Spark Matsunaga will speak on his proposal for a U.S. Department of Peace. at a luncheon sponsored by the Hawaii. Chapter of the United Nations Association.(UNA)

For reservations, call Les Swindale Tel: 988-6318

U.N.A. Information Booth

Visit the Community Service.booth at Ala Moana Shopping Center, Oct. 28-31 to learn about the United Nations, United Nations Ass, and Unicef. LWV is an affiliate of UNA.


Unicef cards will be on sale at the Richards St. YWCA, Oct. 6 - Nov. 14. Watch the paper for other dates and locations.

"Third World Welcomes U.S. Ideas" David Anable (Staff Correspondent - C.S. Mon.) "The ice is beginning to melt!"

Ambassadors to the U. N. from the 3rd world have welcomed the U.S.'s numerous new economic proposals with "almost unanimous warmth".

U.S. Ambassador Patrick Moynihan in reading the 27 page Henry Kissenger report let loose an avalanche of proposals. The general feelings of the assembled 3rd world Ambassadors were that the proposals were constructive, concerned, deserving of positive and intense study. There are more than 2 doz. new projects and if implemented could cost $50 billion a year of new resources.

Within the U.N. it is hoped some compromises can be reached between the U.S. ideas and those of the developing nations.

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