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Monday, October 6 9:00 am Leeward Territorial Savings 98-084 Kam. Hwy, cr Kaonohi Pearl Ridge - information call Kathy Haaseth, 672- 9202

Tuesday, October 7 9:00 am Honolulu Morning Home of Geneva Lyman 2969 Kalakaua Ave. #801 Parking limited suggest bus or carpool. Information call Dorothy Turnbull, 734-8371

Wednesday. October 8 9:30 am Hawaii Kai Home of Fay Hill 178 Hanapepe Loop Information call Wendie Wong, 377-9286

Thursday, October 9 9:15 am Windward Morning St. Christopher s Church 93 N. Kainulu Dr. Kailua Information call Myrne Blomquist, 262-7635

What is a discussion unit? What do I do at a unit meeting?

Discussion units are your chance to learn and express opinions. Attend regularly. Each unit needs a nucleus of steady membership to' function properly.

Read up on the subject before coming to the meeting. Speak up.Speak frankly, briefly and to the point.. Listen to the comments of others. Ask questions if you don't understand a point or want more information.

Information for the November Units on the Presidency is attached in a Facts and Issues* to this Voter. Please save & bring to the units.

HOW CAN members participate in League?

The structure of the League is designed so that each member may participate directly in its activities. In units, committees and general meetings the member can learn about the League and express ideas and points of view.

[Facts & Issues - Perspective on the Presidency: A Look Ahead. 6pp. LWV Ed Fund, Washington DC 1975]

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