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Executive Study Consensus
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Executive Study Consensus

The November unit meetings will bring us to the climax of our Executive study. At these meetings we will be taking consensus --- coming to member agreement on certain questions about the Presidency. Be sure to review your Facts & Issues from last month's Voter, and in this issue, please read View from Congress.

The consensus questions cover the following:

  1. Does our League support or oppose any changes in the Presidential powers? We are to consider foreign policy and war powers, emergency powers, fiscal policy in terms of review by Congress and/or the public and time limits on executive powers.

  2. Should there by any changes in the system of presidential succession? If we answer yes, we are given 9 specific choices (and may suggest others) including special elections for vacancies in the presidential and / or vice-presidential offices, repeal of the 25th amendment, selection of all vice-presidents by the 25th amendment, abolition of office of vice-president, election of: 2 or more vice-presidents.

  3. Should there be changes in presidential terms of office? If we answer yes, we are again given multiple choices, including repeal of the 22nd amendment, a single term for president, and anything else we might come up with.

If you want your opinion to count it is essential that you come to the November meetings! See you there.

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