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From the President

Many people think of the League in terms of study, discussion, and lots of meetings. The League also Acts. This fall we've acted on the following:

  1. Development Aid: In response to a national League Action Alert, we wrote to Reps. Mink and Matsunaga and to Sen. Inouye in support of HR 9005, the International Development and Food Assistance Act. Every member can get in on this kind of action. We'll try to give you timely notice through the Voter.

  2. Air Quality: Anna Hoover gave testimony to the Board of Health,

    in support of changes in the State's air quality implementation plan which would give the power companies a choice of methods(low sulfur fuel or stack scrubbers) to meet national sulfur emission standards.

  3. Zoning: Planning Chairwoman Del Freyer testified before the City Council on Oct. 8 in support of Bill 118 to rezone to preservation all land now general planned for park and open space uses. many such lands are zoned for other uses. Excerpts from her statement are on page six.

  4. Constitutional Convention: On Oct. 15 the State League filed a suit in circuit court, aimed at clarifying the Constitution's provision for a con-con every 10 years and forcing the Lt. Gov.to place the question on the ballot in 1976. Costs will be paid by a LWVUS litigation grant. In addition, the League is working with other interested groups in a major effort to educate the public on what a con-con is and what issues could be discussed.

Did you know that on the average local leagues spend $32.55 per member?

The budget which we adopted at the Annual meeting in April includes income of $27.60 in dues, $1000 in member contributions. To date Se have received $1176 in duns and $174 in member contributions-considerably below where we should be at this midpoint in our fiscal year. We have kept our dues low so that anyone can join, but we encourage those of you who can to make a contribution over and above your $12 dues.

Carol Whitesell

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