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General Meeting on the Constitutional Convention
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ConCon Suit Moves Ahead
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ConCon Delegates -- Who Should Be?
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Peddling Pubs (Dee Lum)
City Money -- Coming and Going
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City Money -- Coming and Going

Are you: Suffering from real estate tax shock, avoiding the 4% sales tax by having Christmas presents mailed on the mainland, wondering if there will be anything left to pay your auto fees? A few


Real property tax 50%

Federal funds: 18%

Motor Vehicle tax: 6%

State excise tax: 6%


Police, fire & flood: 23%

Capital improvements: 22%

General government 16% (including planning and zoning)

Sanitation; highways, streets & mass transit; culture & recreation 18%

Debt service: 10%

Legislative: negligible % wise

A League principle is that government should maintain and equitable and flexible system of taxation. We have an on-going study of government finance at the State level.

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