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General Meeting on the Constitutional Convention
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Honolulu LWV - December Calendar
ConCon Delegates -- Who Should Be?
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Peddling Pubs (Dee Lum)
City Money -- Coming and Going
Aloha to these New Members
League Members in Action

League Members in Action

V.P. Adeline Schutz will represent the League on the City Council's Capitol District Advisory Committee.

June Sanders has agreed to serve on the Waikiki Advisory Committee.

State President Pat Shutt and V.P. Jerry Hess attended a LWV US Regional Action Conference in Portland, Ore., Nov. 12 - 13. The focus was land use and action techniques. Pat gave an action report on our Con Con efforts.

Jerry Hess, who represents the League on the Lt. Gov.'s Election Advisory Committee went on to Chicago to represent the State of Hawaii at the National Municipal League's conference. She was on a panel discussing voter education in the schools

Land use chairman, Dorothy Marsh, spoke for the League at the City Council's public hearing on the Interim Shoreline Protection Bill #129. Basing her testimony on the League's water quality position, she urged that flood zones already mapped by Army Eng. be included in the boundaries of the Special Management Area.

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