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General Meeting on the Constitutional Convention
From the President (Carol Whitesell)
ConCon Suit Moves Ahead
Thank You!
Honolulu LWV - December Calendar
ConCon Delegates -- Who Should Be?
United Nations Day
Peddling Pubs (Dee Lum)
City Money -- Coming and Going
Aloha to these New Members
League Members in Action

Peddling Pubs

Units, the office and your publication chairman can help you buy or order local, state or national material for jour use, your students, friends or members of the other organizations you belong to.

Hot off the presses is the revised STATE PLANNING PRIMER, available for a mere 75¢.

Members are urged to take out copies of the Parents Handbook on Schools and sell at your PTA meetings. Sign up in the folder, then return the money when you come in for more!

Dee Lum

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