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A Brief Explanation of Hawaii's Coastal Zone Management Program

--Hawaii has 750 statute miles of shoreline, the fourth largest in the U.S. --The bulk of our people and economic activities are found within 5 miles of the ocean.

--75 federal, state and local government agencies have special interest in coastal resources and uses.

These are a few indicators of the challenges we face in deciding how to use coastal resources, wisely.

In 1973 Hawaii's State Legislature mandated the State Dept. of Planning & Economic Development to prepare the State's Coastal Zone Management Program in accordance with the fed. CZM Act of 1972 (PL 92-583). This Act was passed by Congress in response to growing national concern over environmental degradation and poorly planned development along the nation's shoreline. The LWV supports CZM Act, on the basis of its water quality & land use positions.

The purpose of the CZM Act is to encourage coastal states to prepare and implement rational plans and procedures for determining uses in the coastal zone. The process of development, but not the substance of a state's program must meet federal criteria. Incentives to participate are: .

  1. Financial aid to states to help in preparing and implementing the coastal zone program; and to assist in acquisition of estuarine: sanctuaries.

  2. Assurance that after the federal government approves a state's proposed management program, all federal agencies with activities in the coastal zone will conform to the state plan to the greatest extent practicable.

Hawaii is now well into the second year of work on its coastal zone program. The deadline for completion is June 1977. Once the program is approved, the state will be eligible for funds to help administer it.

The CZM Act and its regulations include strong provisions for citizen participation. One technique being used in Hawaii is citizen advisory bodies. We have a Statewide Citizens' Forum with wide representation from all types of nongovernmental organizations ranging from environmental groups to development firms. The League has two members on the Forum. County advisory committees are also being formed.

HAWAII'S Shoreline Protection Act

The 1975 Legislature passed Act 176 (Shoreline Protection Act) whose purpose is to establish special interim controls on shoreline development until the CZM program is in effect. The League sponsored a panel discussion of this controversial legislation last Feb. but did not take a position on it.

Act 176 gives the counties responsibility for its administration. Dec. 1 was the deadline for the counties to establish Special Management Areas (SMA's) extending at least 100 yds. inland from the vegetation or debris line; and to adopt rules regulating development within these SMA's. Some people fear the Act will lead to economic disaster because of delays in permit procedures. Others see it as a necessary protective measure and one which will provide valuable experience for future coastal zone man. efforts.

For further information come to meetings Jan. 6, 7, 8th.

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