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Coming this Month - January 1976
From the President (Carol Whitesell)
Honolulu LWV Calendar : Jan - May 1976
Brief Explanation of Hawaii's Coastal Zone Management Program
Ideas on Public Transportation (Mildred Walston)
Money Bags
Dollars and Sense - Financing the League (pull & save)

1. WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 7, 7:30 PM, BISHOP MUSEUM CRAFT SHOP Workshop sponsored by SIERRA CLUB-with a Star-Studded cast, including: DAVE RANEY (V. Chr. Statewide Citizens' Forum)

2. TUESDAY, JANUARY 6, 9:15 AM, AAUW CLUBHOUSE Guest Speaker: AARON LEVINE, Chairman, Statewide Citizens' Forum, Hawaii Coastal Zone Management Program

3. THURSDAY, JANUARY 8, 9:15 AM ST. CHRISTOPHER'S CHURCH, KAILUA Slide Presentation and Discussion with STEVE GOODENOW, President, Shoreline Protection Alliance

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