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Money Bags

COMPARISONS CAN HELP US BE AWARE OF WHERE PRIORITIES ARE. Let us peek at some figures related to personnel costs.

Hawaii's state labor force has increased 1.6 times in the last ten years. This includes teachers, public hospitals and the jail.

San Francisco's labor force has remained stable for the same period, New York City's has increased 15 times. It includes police, fire, sanitation, teachers in both cities.

Hawaii's budget has tripled in these last ten years! San Francisco's is 2.5 times what it was, NYC's has tripled too.

Hawaii spends 5.6% of its budget on debt service, SJ 3% and NYC 17%.

Hawaii's pay to public employees is generally considered on a par with other public employees nationally. San Francisco's pay to its employees is the highest in the country, NYC's is $2000 less than San Francisco's and is a high cost of living area.

Hawaii's pension costs have doubled between.1971 and 1975 and are still rising; those of San Francisco have tripled but are declining, NYC's have quadrupled and are rising!!!

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