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Coming this Month - January 1976
From the President (Carol Whitesell)
Honolulu LWV Calendar : Jan - May 1976
Brief Explanation of Hawaii's Coastal Zone Management Program
Ideas on Public Transportation (Mildred Walston)
Money Bags
Dollars and Sense - Financing the League (pull & save)

From the President

Happy 1976 We're starting the new year with programs on two issues of great importance to the League. Don't miss them. 1.

Update on Shoreline Protection and Coastal Zone Management:

We are offering not one, but three, meetings on this topic, giving you a choice of times and places. Each meeting will feature a stimulating and knowledgeable speaker(or speakers) with time for questions and discussion. Read the article on page four for background information. 2.

Financing the LWV:

January gives us a chance to come to grips with this topic which is so vital to the League's effectiveness and future visibility. The National League has provided us with some enlightening information on: where the League, at all levels, gets its money; how it spends it; how the League methods of financing compare with those of other national organizations such as AAUW and Common Cause. We're asked to discuss and evaluate alternatives. Read the attached Facts and Issues and be prepared for a stimulating discussion at our wine party on Jan. 26. Outside viewpoints may be helpful so don't hesitate to bring your spouse or a friend.


Vote Counts:

The League earned $296.60 on the UPW union vote count, December 5. Mahalo to coordinator Dorothy Bremner and the 27 members who assisted her.

If you would like to participate in future vote counts, call Dorothy and let her know.

Helen Griffin was Chief Monitoring Officier for the Kahaluu Neighborhood Board election, December 13. Helen and 6 tallyers earned S96.60 for the League. Thanks.

Constitutional Convention Suit:

Judge Fong's ruling against us in the ConCon suit will be appealed to the State Supreme Court.

Carol Whitesell

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