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From the President

The new year and the mid-winter doldrums are a time for taking stock of ourselves and planning for the months ahead. It's going on in the League, too. Options for financing the League at all levels were discussed at our January general meeting; the Budget & Goals Committee is thrashing out goals and priorities for the next League year, which starts in April; the Nominating Committee is engaged in its annual search for leaders; the Board has taken time at its meetings for wide-ranging discussion of membership and member involvement, the health of the units, and program.

Our first round of unite in February is aimed at bringing you, the member, into this process. We'll have a special meeting for evening people, in Honolulu, as well as the usual units. Discussion leaders are being specially trained in the use of new, fun techniques, by Fran Burgess, Betty Buck and Martha Lister. Don't miss it:

Along the same lines, It'd like to share the following article, adapted from the Wisconsin Voter, which adapted it from the Maryland and Ohio Voters. Going show that our problems in Honolulu are not unique.

Carol Whitesell

League Volunteer - An Endangered Species

The League of Women Voters enjoys high recognition and prestige. Government officials seek out our opinions; citizens look to us for reliable information; League members are tapped to serve on boards and commissions; the business community is beginning to consider us a good investment. Nothing can stop us now -right?

WRONG! While the public, the legislator, and the businessman are looking to the League for leader - ship, where is the League leader??-back in graduate school, gone to work, painting, writing, or seeking some other form of self-expression. And the League is finding it increasingly difficult to replace leaders who have moved on to other things. The public-spirited volunteer is on the endangered species list.

There has been a lot of reference to voter apathy in the last election. What I found was not apathy but growing anger, a deep frustration over the feeling of powerlessness of the individual to accomplish change in government. People don't know how to turn their anger into a weapon for reforms. And that's where the League comes in.

Ladies and gentlemen of the League, we have a lot of work to do. When a board member calls you for a job, think again before you say no. There are very few career opportunities that provide stimulating companionship, education on the job, a real chance to make your world a better place, where you can dictate your own hours and take unlimited vacations. As a League leader, you develop skills in communication, administration, research, and budgeting that may make you a valuable employee later on.

There's work for every talent and time schedule. Our program committees need members; our office needs staff; we need observers, writers, artiste, lobbyists, hostesses, planners. Democracy is government by the people. Take away the people and all you have left is government. Half of democracy is US!

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