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Unit Autonomy Project Completed by Windward Morning Unit

Unit autonomy is alive and well in Kailua, Windward Morning unit conducted a survey to determine the degree of community interest in improving the central business area of Kailua. 85 business people located in the "core" of Kailua town were interviewed during the spring and summer of 1975. Dorothy Bremner and Kay Goodhue chaired the project.

The survey revealed a wide range of attitudes and concerns. A few more than 10% were "truly apathetic" about community efforts. However, many business people indicated a willingness to "work together toward an as yet unspecified goal if they had leadership." They also qualified their support by indicating feasibility, and government and community contributions as important.

What was accomplished by this survey? Community awareness of attitudes and possible needs was achieved by talking to business people in the survey, by publication of a summary of the results in the local edition of the Sun Press. Copies of the summary report will be distributed to some local organizations, Kailua library, and city officials.

In evaluating their project the unit stated, "If it sparks interest in and pinpoints the fact the city should be doing its job more completely, it will be a major contribution."

The complete report is in the file in the office. You are welcome to drop by and read it.

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