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Action Alert Re: Federal Election Commission:

Action in light of Supreme Court Decision

LEAGUE POSITION. Most of the League-supported provisions of the Federal Election Commission (FEC) Act have been sustained through the Court ruling--full and timely disclosure, contribution limitations and federally financed matching funds. During the work for passage of the FEC Act, the League repeatedly urged that an "independent body to monitor and enforce the campaign finance laws" was needed if the laws were to serve any purpose. The Supreme Court ruled that the Commission established by the Act was not constitutionally constituted. The ruling did not preclude the establishment of a truly independent commission. Therefore, the League's emphasis on the need for an independent body to administer the laws becomes timely once again.

ACTION- WHAT YOU CAN DO. Write your Senators and Representatives now telling them of the League's strong support of a federal election commission. Urge them at act swiftly to reconstitute the commission so that it will be constitutional, In lieu of supporting a. specific bill at this point, speak to the necessity of having a commission. Also, urge that the "stop-gap" matching funds provision be speedily enacted. However, the League will not be satisfied with passage of the "stop-gap" (S 2918) alone. It is imperative that a new commission be formed. The "stop gap" should be viewed only as an interim solution to the March 1 deadline imposed by the Court. It is vital that Congress know there is broad grass roots support.

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