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Let's Talk Energy Alternatives


As Hawaii is 90% oil dependent, the enclosed Facts and Issues looks at alternate sources of energy that are being researched for feasibility of use in Hawaii. Listed below are discussion and consensus questions for our March 23-25 meetings. The Facts and Issues contains background information which should help us come to consensus.

I. Which do you think appear to have the greatest potential as alter

nate energy sources? Solid Waste, Bioconversion, Solar Energy, Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion, Ocean Waves, Geothermal, Wind, Hydroelectric, Coal, Nuclear. Think in terms of the following characteristics:

  1. economic feasibility (budgets of various govt. levels)

  2. technological stage of development

  3. degree of energy demands that can be met by the alternative

  4. continued availability of supporting resources

  5. desirability in terms of environmental considerations

  6. feasibility in terms of inherent characteristics of nation/ State/county

II. It is generally agreed that education of the public regarding the "true" energy situation, and methods of conserving energy must be done if satisfactory solutions are to be found and implemented to correct the current energy problem.

  1. Whose responsibility (money) should this energy education be?

  2. Which methods of energy education do you think are the most effective?

  3. What is the best approach to use in presenting the energy situation to the public? (in terms of effectiveness, truthfulness, etc.)

III. Various alternate energy sources must be found and developed, but not without some degree of effects upon our environment. To what extent can we sacrifice the environment for the sake of meeting our energy requirements?

IV. The following regulations have been suggested as possible ways of reducing energy consumption. Which do you agree should be further explored and/or implemented?

  1. Maintain and enforce reduced highway speed limits for passenger cars, trucks, and busses.

  2. Required that fuel consumption of all new. trucks and cars to be sold in Hawaii be shown on the price tags affixed to the window by the manufacturer.

  3. Establish exclusive bus lanes for commuter busses and for commuter autos having four or more riders..

  4. Increase the variety, efficiency, usefulness, and frequency of the public mass transit system.

  5. Place a commodity tax on selected virgin materials so as to encourage the use of recycled or more abundant materials when this results in energy conservation.

  6. Consider tax laws which would discourage the use of non-returnable containers for beverages and other commodities.

  7. Re-examine the State building codes for the purpose of specifying energy-conserving designs.

  8. Other

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