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From the President


The AAUW has asked us to move. AAUW wants to rent all its upstairs rooms to single women. We have until May 3l to find a new office and move. Dorothy Murdock is coordinating our search for space. Call her, or me, if you have ideas or can help. Here's what we need:

size: 300 sq. ft., minimum

location: prefer Honolulu between Kalihi

& Kaimuki; will consider Kailua/Kaneohe. rent: under $200 (as far under as possible)



THE BEST SHOW IN TOWN - - is now playing at the State Capitol. State President Pat Shutt popped into a hearing one day in Feb. and couldn't tear herself away.

The scene was the Senate Housing Committee, chaired by Patsy Young; and the subject was Kakaako. Here are excerpts from Pat's notes:

This was a classic example of the relationship between Honolulu and the State. The bill drawing the most interest was one to create an Urban Development Corporation to plan and develop Kakaako.

Mr. Kono, the director of the State Dept. of Planning & Economic Development spoke. He mentioned that DPED has done an urban design study of Kakaako (LWV has a copy). He said the State recognizes the potential of the area and the very complex problems involved in doing something about it. Most important, though, it is in the urban district and within the purview of the City. His suggestion seemed to be that if the City does not take the lead, the State would be in a better position to do something in a year. Under questioning it came out that Mono had approached City Planning Director Bob Way on a cooperative planning effort and received a negative response.

Patsy Young got quite hostile after Kono's statement and questioned whether this is the Governor's position, because it doesn't jibe with the State of the State address. T.C. Yim used the question period to berate both City and State.

City Managing Director Richard Sharpless said the new General Plan will be adopted within three months. And that he chairs a committee of department heads which is preparing a development plan for Kakaako. It should be finished in July or August. This development plan will address the funding question, which of course will be one of the more complex problems. Sharpless vehemently opposed a UDC.

Kakaako is an area of concern to the League, not only from the General Plan aspects, but for its housing potential, and because it illustrates the question: who does what and how will they cooperate?


For more on Kakaako, keep reading this Voter.

Members of the Energy/Environment Committee are observing at the Legislature. There are many areas in which League has an interest. If you'd like to watch the show and report back, call Pat Shutt, Anna Hoover, or C. Whitesell.

Carol Whitesell

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