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Proposed Budget: 1976-77

Proposed Budget: 1976-77

The proposed budget reflects a continuation of the present level of operations and services in most areas, in the face of rising costs. It reflects the' following financial realities:

  1. We expect to LIB- considerably more for office space in 1976-77, possibly as much as double.

  2. Increased costs for telephone, Postage, supplies.

  3. Probable increase in National PMP from $4.25 to $6.00 (to be voted on at National Convention).

Within this framework, the budget represents the following priorities:

  1. Maintenance of League visibility via office and telephone.

  2. Maintenance of president's fund and child care fund to help defray costs incurred by active members.

  3. Increased funding for the Finance committee to cover a canvas of former members and service to contributors.

  4. Funding for 2 delegates to state Council. No delegate will be sent to National Convention because of cost and other priorities.

  5. Full support of National and State commitments including a substantial increase in State pledge.

  6. Adequate funding for reproduction and mailing of l0 issues of Aloha Voter.

  7. Emphasis on Voter Service activities in an election year.

  8. For income: we prefer to earn money (by vote counts) rather than relying solely on dues and contributions to meet our financial needs.

  9. Maintenance of 4 months operating expenses in reserve.

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