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Proposed Local Program 1976-77

Continued study of:

  1. Planning, with focus on (1) zoning and other implementation tools; and (2) impact of the General Plan on Oahu growth.

  2. Transportation, with focus on (1) relationship of the transportation system to long-range planning, (2) meeting service needs of the community, (3) accountability in management and (4) finances.

Action includes encouraging informed and active participation of all citizens in government and politics. Action will be in keeping with the League's purpose, principles and positions reached through consensus and concurrence.

Action to increase member and public understanding of intergovernmental relations including "assignment of responsibility, adequacy of financing, and coordination among the different agencies and levels of government".

Any activity of the League is dependent upon active participation by the membership.

In accordance with our continuing responsibilities, we recommend the affirmation of these currently applicable positions:

Transportation (adopted 1975) Diamond Head (adopted 1972, 1973)

Planning (adopted 1972, 1973) -Charter (adopted 1971, 1973)

Your concurrence with these positions will permit action on issues of continuing concern to the Honolulu League.

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