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Information on Unicameral Study

The unicameral study group has been compiling information to present to the local leagues. The committee is studying how the unicameral form of legislature works in relation to the bicameral legislature of Hawaii.

The study will include such aspects as the historical background of the two systems: how the unicameral legislature works in the Canadian provinces and a point by point comparison of the Nebraska and Hawaii systems.

Since the Constitutional Convention will be on the November ballot (and we will be working on a yes vote) we should be informed about one of the hottest issues that may be discussed. The following bibliography should be part of your summer reading lists

Model Constitution - National Municipal League*

One House or Two - Hawaii Tax Foundation

Hawaii Constitutional Convention Studies - Article 111, VoI.1 (in LWV office)

Sometime Government - Citizen's Conference on State Legislatures John Burns

Book of States pp. 66-67

A Look at the Unicameral - prepared by V.G. Brown, Chief Clark Nebraska Legislature

Constitutions of the states of Hawaii and Nebraska

Canada Year Book, 1972

Canada 1973*

State Government, Summer 1975

News articles

*Available at Legislative Reference Bureau

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