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"We've almost mastered your language, but some of your adjectives are a little zlivruqok."
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May 1976
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From the President

As I begin my second year as Honolulu League President, I'd like to share a few thoughts about the League and how we're doing.

On the plus side, the League is generally well respected where it is known in this community. In fact I have discovered that in some circles our reputation as a powerful group is far out of proportion to our actual size and accomplishments. Our members are sought for membership on government boards and advisory committees. We have developed a saleable skill in election officiating. Interest in League publications is growing. Our new office can make us more accessible to the public. And of course, the League is full of interesting, talented and delightful people, which makes League work fun!

There are also problems and uncertainties. Membership has dropped; attendance at units is down. Are we out of touch with member interests? Or should we reevaluate the emphasis on units? How can we reach our working members? Fewer members are available and willing to take on leadership responsibilities; or to type, staff the office, and run the mimeograph machine. Should we pay for these chores instead of asking members to do them?

In many ways this has been a year of looking inward. Material we receive from other leagues and LWVUS indicates that this is going on nationwide, and covers all Brats of League function-from program to membership to finance.

What do you want from League? What do you want to do in League? What kind of organization should we be? We began to explore these questions at February units. State Council in may will provide another opportunity. Please let me have your thoughts. The League is your organization and should reflect your interests and goals.

Carol Whitesell

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