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Workshops - What's in it for You?
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Presidential Debates - Equal Time for Issues
Award to Pat Shutt
Vote Counting Income for April, May & June 1976
Job Well Done! (George Bensely)
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Our Office Has Had a Facelift
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Around Town (Melvia Kawashima)
Salutes Gibson's

Workshops - What's in it for You?

Tools so you can do some of the things you have always wanted to do.

Workshop leaders: Fran Burgess, Opal Sloane, and others

Saturday, Aug. 28, St. Christopher's Episcopal Church, 93 N. Kainalu Dr.


Tuesday, Aug. 31, Wesley. United

Methodist Church, 1350 Hunakai St.

Time: 9-12 and, for those who can stay, break for your sack lunch followed by wrap up and pau by 1:30.

Reservations: Adeline Schutz, 7347248, or Glendora Alder, 923-0937.

Available: Babysitting if reservations are made. Beverages.

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