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From the President

An election year is the time when the League makes its most unique and visible contribution to the community. I hope every member will participate in at least one of our many election-time activities this fall.

The Akamai Voter: Don't miss our exciting mini-course, starting September 9, at the Richards St. YWCA. Details were in the Summer Voter. Kauai and Hawaii county leagues are adapting the course for use in their communities.

Pick a Candidate, including our State and local issue sheet: You can help distribute this free pub in the community! Pick up a batch at the office and pass them to the people you meet.

Facts for Voters: This State League publication will provide information about the offices to be filled on Nov. 2, as well as State and local ballot questions for each county. Facts for the Neighbor Islands will be ready in early Sept. Facts for Honolulu await the City Council's decision on what Charter amendments will be placed on the ballot (mid-September).

Candidates' Meeting: Honolulu's mayoral candidates, Sept. 13! (see front page)

ABC Reporting: Leagues throughout the U.S. participate in this project, in which election results from key precincts are used to predict the final outcome. About 7 Leaguers will be needed on election night to telephone results from Hawaii to ABC News in New York. They will earn $800 for the State LWV. If you'd like to help, call Marian Heidel (26l-3262)*

Election Monitoring: On election day members of the Lt. Governor's Election Advisory Committee will be checking all steps in the election process, from polling place to computer center. Jerry Hess and Sue Irvine (Hilo) will participate for League.

Neighborhood Board Elections: Four N.B. elections will be held on Nov. 2: Kailua, Kaneohe, Waimanalo, Mililani Town. League will provide chief monitoring officers and tallyers to count the votes the next day. Call Dorothy Bremner (261-2494). This service earns $4 for League.

Voting Information: The League office gets many calla at election time, asking for information about registering, absentee ballots, etc. It's in the office, but our electronic PhoneMate is too dumb to use it. We need real, live League members to respond to callers. Can't you spare a few hours in the A.M. once or twice a month to let the public know we're alive and care? Call Nancy Guille (422-8682) or Dorothy Murdock (536-0477) to volunteer.

Neighbor Island news: In addition to use of The Akamai Voter, Kauai LWV will prepare candidates' questionnaire for the Garden Island News, and will have a voter information booth at the county fair.

* * * * * * *

The emphasis is on Voter Service, but our election -time activities will include Action as well. League will push for a "Yes" vote on the question of holding a Constitutional Convention. Get involved by calling Marian Wilkins, (261-0549). We may also want to take a position for or against the proposed Charter amendments. We'll keep you informed.

Carol Whitesell

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