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Mayoral Candidates' Meeting
From the President (Carol Whitesell)
September Calendar
Thanks to...
Charter Amendments
Petition Drive Plans Cancelled
Con-Con Meeting
Citizens for Con-Con Poll
State Council - One Woman's View (Mary Anne Hedrick)
Health Plan
Leaguers in Action
Calendar: 1976-77

September Calendar

9, 16, 23, 30 Akamai Voter Series 9-11 am (see Summer Voter)

13th Mayoral Candidates (see Cover)

14th Citizens for Con Con meeting 7:30 Honolulu Lutheran Church (see article Page 4)

16th Honolulu Board meeting 7:15 pm LWV office 1232 Waimanu St. - Penthouse


Parking hassles. . . Municipal parking is impossible to find. There are parking garages near Richards St. Y but very expensive. If you don't mind walking, parking at Blaisdell Center is reasonable.

Your best bet is TheBus. One clever Leaguer who lives in an area where buses are few and far between parks her car close to a route where buses pass frequently. Saves time and frustration!

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