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Units again will be an important part of League activity this year. Leaders and meetings will be:

HONOLULU MORNING: 9:00am Tuesday in members homes: unit leader, Dorothy Turnbull, 734-8371

HONOLULU EVENING: 7:30pm Monday in the League office: unit leader, Susan Sanderson, 524-3949

HAWAII KAI: 9:15am Wednesday at Hawaii Kai library: unit leader, Langman, 923-2203.

WINDWARD EVENING: 7:30pm Wednesday at Kokokahi YWCA: Unit leader, Marian Heidel, 261-3262

WINDWARD MORNING: 9:15am Thursday at St. Christopher's Church, unit leader, Astrid Monson, 262-3907

The first unit meetings are planned for October. We hope to provide a knowledgeable guest for each unit to stimulate an exchange of ideas and answers to questions on issues to be considered in this election year.

Other unit meetings during the year will provide us with opportunities to discuss city planning priorities, alternatives for change in the Legislature: Initiative, referendum and recall: United Nations and an opportunity in May or June for each unit to discuss a topic of interest to that particular group.

With your support we can have an exciting and informative year of information and decision from unit discussion.

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