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Tuesday, October 12 HONOLULU MORNING 9:00 am Coffee 9:30 am Meeting Home of Bea Bennett, 4760 Farmers Rd. Honolulu 96816. Information: Dorothy Turnbull, 734-8371

Topic: The problems of running as a minor party candidate. Speakers will be representatives of Peoples' Party and Independents for Godly government.'

Wednesday, October 13 HAWAII KAI 9:15 am Coffee 9:30 am Meeting Hawaii Kai Library, 249 Lunalilo Home Rd. Hon. 96825. Information Muriel Langman, 395-7003

Topic: Are you a potential candidate? Speaker will be Pat Shutt. Slide show and discussion on "Being a Candidate!"

HONOLULU EVENING & WINDWARD EVE. 7:30 pm Refreshments and meeting Woman House, Kokokahi YWCA, Kaneohe Bay Drive, Kaneohe. Information - Marian Heidel 2613263. For information on Honolulu carpool call Susan Sanderson (after 6 pm) 524-3949.

Topic: Evaluating a candidate, (from Akamai Voter series) Jerry Hess - speaker

Thursday, October 14 WINDWARD MORNING 9:15 am Coffee 9:30 am Meeting St. Christopher's Church, 93 N. Kainalu Dr., Information: Astrid Monson, 261-3907

Topic: Political Realities. Speaker will be Marilyn Bornhorst.

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