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League Comments on General Plan

The City Council's August 2 nd draft of the New General Plan was reviewed by our planning committee and other Honolulu board members, and our comments were submitted to the Council in a letter. An excerpt from the League's statement follows:

"Our major concern is that this document is not a general plan, although it is a framework with in which the plan can be made. There is a missing step between the objectives and policies of the August 2nd draft and area development plans. What is missing is a general physical development plan for the City.

Before realistic area development plans can be made, there must be decisions on such city-wide elements of a general plan as: 1) land use- location of future areas of industry, housing, resort development, recreation, open space, etc: 2) transportation - mass transit modes and routes, locations of highways, ports, warehouse areas: 3) public utilities, water, drainage and sewerage. power generating facilities.

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