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More on the Debates

An interesting memo from National President Ruth Clusen discusses two aspects of the debates.

  1. Fairness to Third Party Candidates

    Some League members are concerned about why Senator McCarthy and/or third party candidates were not included in the debate plans. There are over 90 presidential candidates registered with the FEC and at least 5 or 6 of them are affiliated with parties that might be on the ballot in 20 or more states. From a practical point

    of view, their inclusion would have made the debates impossible. The League is considering holding a fifth debate among the third party and independent candidates to give them a chance to air their views. The League feels it is on solid legal ground as far as any suit to block the debates.

  2. Paying for the Debates

    The League has run into some problems in financing the presidential debates, according to a memo

    from Ruth Clusen. The Federal Election Commission has ruled

    that although contributions for the debates are not to be considered political contributions made for the purpose of influencing an election, they are considered expenditures "in connection with" an election. This means the League cannot receive contributions from corporations, non - profit foundations or unions to pay for the debates. We can receive funds from union or corporate political action committees, but for a variety of reasons, the League has decided not to accept money from these sources.

    Expenses for the debates will be around $15,000. The League will be seeking individual contributions to help offset these costs. Please help!! Send your tax deductible contribution to:

    LWVEF - Debates
    1730 M Street 1\:.W.
    Washington, D.C. 20036

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