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From the President

The League's visibility is at an all-time high this fall, thanks to the presidential debates. Here in Honolulu we're reaping the bens, fits and getting in on the excitement, too. For example:

The League was invited to provide an "expert" to launch a new interview and telephone question program on KTUH Radio. Our expert was State voter service chairman Jerry Hess who discussed the presidential debates, voting and League voters service activities on the evening of September 22.

We've also been the use of a display window in the mall between Bishop Street and the Pacific Trade Center during October. The space was offered to us by Elizabeth Duesler of Duesler & Associates, Inc., as a public service. The theme - League Voter Service - naturally.

If you watched Channel 4 News at 6p.m. on September 22, you saw a brief interview with State President Pat Shutt. Interest in the League's role in the presidential debates prompted KITV-News to make the invitation.

Those are a couple of the unexpected treats of the past few weeks. Meanwhile, back at the Office there's plenty of hard work and hilarity: Pat is composing mailgrams to Carter and Ford, thanking them for agreeing to debate; Jerry Hess is trying to condense the party platforms into 200 words each for inclusion in "Facts for Voters"; Dorothy Murdock and Winnie Philips are cleaning the files while Helen Frederick organizes clippings on candidates and their stands. Our landlord's clients look dumbfounded 'when they step in the door, so we offer them a copy of Pick a Candidate.

The phone rings and rings with requests for voting information, questions about candidates,(who's running in my district, what's so and so's position on this issue),requests for publications. Most of the time we have what's needed.

Some callers are disappointed that we aren't publishing a candidates' questionnaire this year, or that we don't compile the voting records of incumbents. These are services many people expect from the League. But, our voter information publications are being received with enthusiasm. Attached to this Voter are the two latest offerings, both provided by the State League: Facts for Voters, prepared by the

LWV Hawaii in separate editions for each county and Pick a President, national LWV companion to Pick a Candidate.

Carol Whitesell

You can join the voter service effort! Let us know what groups or individuals would be interested in these helpful publications. Take some yourself to distribute to neighbors or at candidate's meetings. Or, come to the office and let us put you to work. Don't miss all the fun!

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