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Evaluating the Akamai Voter

The Akamai Voter course had a high rating in the comments by the participants. "Very effective in making people aware that 'your vote makes a difference.'" "Excellent' series!" "All the sessions moved right along -- kudos to LWV!" "The course was well constructed."

There were criticisms as well, but first things first.

Of the 4 sessions, the 4th and 3rd received the highest ratings. The 4th was "The Lobbying Game" presented by Palama Settlement. Despite a number of comments that implied confusion and general bewilderment, most found the game enlightening. The relationship of lobbyist and legislators, the pressures of too many. bills and not enough time, the priorities that get prostituted by influence, the selfish focus of special interest --- all are part of the legislative process that we experienced in playing our roles. I think we learned to appreciate the complexity of legislation "by the people."

The 3rd session was "The Candidates' Meeting" which was the most fun because the 4 volunteer candidates did such a grand job in their roles. Our 2 Republicans, Melvia Kawashima. and Don Bremner, showed more spirit than most of our recent Republicans. Melvia's strident soap box sincerity and Don's charming forcefulness won a lot of votes Clayton Ikei and Pat Shutt, the 2 Democrats, were equally winning. Clayton's quiet reasonableness and confidence impressed many and Pat's eccentric liberal aggressiveness - and marvelous straw hat - won some and lost some. It was the liveliest candidates' meeting this reporter has attended.

Although the above were the most popular, the group discussions were fated as "the most helpful as a voter." We had some excellent resource people in. the 1st 2 sessions. Jack Kellnsr, Mason Altiery, and Tuck Newport addressed themselves to the influence, of mats media on political campaigns. The general feeling was that the candidate is going to sell an image as much as financially possible. The voter must use his own initiative in finding other sources, to acquire a broader knowledge of the candidate and his positions. The message was not new but it was fascinating coming from the "image makers."

The 2nd session was even more interesting in its variety; Gerry Keir discussed polls and their influence on candidates' strategy; Ed Tangen and John Connell answered questions About endorsements and what they actually mean in terms of money, volunteers, and influence on members; Dan Aoki described the incredible Organization of details and man power required in canvassing; David McClung and George Henrickson addressed the role of political parties in face of so many in dependent voters.

A final mahalo to all who helped to make the course a success---especially to Rhoda Miller who put it all together.

Helen Griffin

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