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From the President

My message this month is -Don't miss Your Unit Meeting!!!! Are you concerned about proliferating subdivisions, a highrise next door, loss of open space and views, congested roads? Can anything be done about it? This month at units the Planning Committee will help us understand the role of zoning in plan implementation; how zoning controls densities; the proper place of special area controls(Special Design Districts; Historic, Cultural, Scenic Districts); Planned Development.

You will also be asked to reach agreement on a position statement on planning and zoning which has been prepared by the Planning Committee. Your concurrence with this statement will assure the Board that members are informed and in agreement, so that we may act on matters relating to the new general plan and revision of the zoning code.

Please read the proposed position statement on page five of this Voter. At units you will have a chance to react to the statement, to ask questions, and to suggest changes. If you cannot attend a unit meeting, you may send written comments to Del Freyer or to the League office. Following the unit meetings, the Board will evaluate your comments and act to approve or change the proposed statement, which will then be added to our current League planning position.

Carol Whitesell

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