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From the President

HAPPY NEW YEAR: January is named for the god Janus, two-headed guardian of the gates, who looks backward with one head and forward with the other. In keeping with this idea, here's news of past League activity and of League action to come.

LOOKING BACK INTO 1976: On December 7 I spoke for the League at the City Council hearing on the proposed interim development control bills - the ones which aroused the protest demonstration by the construction industry. The League testified in favor of interim controls while development plans are being prepared. We pointed out that the bills do not propose a moratorium, but a review of certain projects; and we suggested some changes to strengthen the bills.

Subsequently, the League was invited by Councilman Rudy Pacarro to participate in a "task force" to discuss the interim control bills and possible alternatives. Representatives of the building trades, Homebuilders Assoc., architects, etc. were present. We have also received an invitation to attend another meeting on the subject, called this time by the Construction industry. Whether this will be fruitful in terms of good legislation is unknown. However the exchange of ideas and attitudes is bound to be educational.

LOOKING AHEAD INTO 1977: The State Legislature will convene on January 19th. League lobbying during the session will focus on legislation setting up the Constitutional Convention. In order to have as broadbased and as open a Con-Con as possible, the League will work for a bill with the following provisions:

  1. A convention of around 100 delegates, elected from multi-member districts. Each delegate will represent approximately 3800 registered voters. No delegates at-large; no single-member districts.

  2. A nonpartisan special election in November, 1977.

  3. (Convention to meet in May, 1978. The 6 months between the election and the Convention gives organizations and the government time to educate both delegates and the public on issues.

  4. Ratification in November, 1978.

The League also expects to monitor bills dealing with collective bargaining in the public sector, with the idea of laying the groundwork for introducing some "sunshine" into the process. (See your Leo Hans). We are concerned about coastal zone management legislation, too. Those of you who attended our general meeting in October know that the counties strongly object to designation of the whole State as coastal zone, as well as other proposals of the State administration. There may be a hot debate in the Legislature.

Carol Whitesell

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